I learned a new Lesson at Glenwood Avenue... Don't ask the kids to show how much they like their teachers by screaming all on the count of three... They must be really good teachers as it was "way" louder than I had expected.
It's the end of the road at Glenwood Avenue for these guys... they are on their way to Middle School next year!

Principal Kenyon Kummings with
School Resource & Dare Officer Shawn Yuhas of the WWPD along with
Wildwood Firemen & Board of Education Member Ernie Troiano
After we took the photos I ran into some of my favorite
Glenwood Warrior's!
What a great feeling knowing you have an entire school of
kids looking up to you...
Home to the Little Warrior...
Good thing I'm not afraid of heights as Erinie had to take me up 80 feet to get the shot we were looking for... which was all the kids saying "Thank You" to TD Bank for their generous donation to the school.